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Members of the band

  Tomi Viiltola (vocals)
  Petteri Karppinen (Lead/Rhythm guitars)
  Riku Keränen (Rhythm/Lead guitars)
  Arto Ek (Drums)
  Toni Salo (Bass/new member)
  Matti Pulkkinen (Keyboards/new member)

General info

  Santhyr was formed 1998, by guitarists Petteri Karppinen, Riku Keränen and a singer Tomi Viiltola. Drummer Arto Ek joined shortly after that to the band and a bass player was still to be found. At the end of 1998 boys met Teemu Somero who was willing to fill the missing spot. Santhyr plays melodic Heavy Rock/Heavy Metal inspired by 70´s & 80´s style Rock/Metal bands. Santhyr has gained quite a reputation in finnish underground scenes without promotional help, finnish demosite has been a great help for Santhyr to be widely known in underground scenes. consists nowadays over 1000 demobands in its site. Santhyr was the most loaded band in Soundmen year 2001. Lets see how we manage here in Afterdawn/
  Bass Player Toni Salo & Keyboardist Matti Pulkkinen have recently joined santhyr as new band members.

Download free music

After the war(2000) 3.34 MB Download
Dragons fire(1998) 4.97 MB Download
Everything has to end(2002) 6.76 MB Download
Final Battle (studiolive/2000) 4.41 MB Download
Guiding light(2002) 3.66 MB Download
Hands of time(1998) 5.07 MB Download
Master of the Sea(1999) 6.09 MB Download
Portal of time(2000) 3.01 MB Download
Raise your hands to rock(studiolive-except vocals/solos/2001) 3.77 MB Download
Revenge(1999) 6.79 MB Download
Tears of the fallen one(2000) 6.65 MB Download
To the battlefield(1999) 3.57 MB Download

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