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Ryan Is Fun

Ryan Is Fun
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Members of the band

   (Samples & Electronics)
  EMO IAIN(Drums)
  RYNOK(Keys & Electronics)
  DIGI-DAN(Laptop & Decks)

General info

  Initially a solo project, the first recordings were made at break-neck speed in early 2000.
  Once the group had rehearsed the tracks, the show was swiftly put before audiences in and around Newcastle, receiving very mixed and bewildered responses from the people who dared to watch them.
  Most evidently, the sound they generated in a live situation was partially removed from that of the recordings, and the band were slated on internet forums as being shambolic on occasions. But to those with educated ears, shambolic translated as raw, punky and cocksure.
  Both sonically and creatively, the band mutate in all directions, and the recordings have become somewhat of an inconvenience in terms of the listeners assumption for the group to replicate it live. Most notably, the recordings are grounded and strong, with a sharp, hedonistic yet cynical depth, that allows mostly only Geordies, in on the sarcastic sneers Ryan so delicately hurls outwards, onwards and upwards!
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321! n/a Download
A Boy Like Me n/a Download
Figure It Out n/a Download
Game Over n/a Download
Scream For Daddy! n/a Download

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