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Members of the band

  Russ Henry

General info

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  UPDATE 4/02/2011
  New ReverbNation page up:
  52,000+ TOTAL downloads! THANK YOU!
  The CURRENT total for everything online here now is 26,557 - 5/2011
  Listen to me on your XBOX on How cool is that?
  Additional tracks are available on my homepage and on several streaming internet radio stations like and
  I've taken Castle Gates offline and replaced it with a jam I did on my Gunslinger called 'Rejuvenated'.
  I'm still working on the new song called 'Recovery', The solo hasn't been flowing the way I hear it in my head so until it comes out of my hands... You'll have to wait.
  I just wanted to say THANKS again for all the positive emails, votes and support, I'm just a guy that does this for my own amusement, and to have it appreciated on this scale is amazing. YOU ROCK!!!
  -=RkR=- (pronounced: "Rocker") is just me, Russ Henry. I'm currently playing for fun on the weekends with some friends and getting ready to begin laying down tracks with a real drummer :-) so hopefully the days of drum machines and loops are over. All of this is (not very) produced in my home studio (or "bedroom" as my wife calls it) near Muscle Shoals, Alabama USA.
  If you like what you hear, or hate it, feel free to email me your thoughts or just vote and I'll figure it out from there :-) I just do this for fun.
  Special thanks to Phill Hanback for the 2nd guitar on "Spoofest".
  Song/Gear Details:
  1: Floral Scented Death is an instrumental I was playing around with in December '04, this is a "work mix" and was not the finished song, but since I haven't gone back and redone it in the last 5 years I guess we'll call it "done"
  I used my 1978 Hamer USA Sunburst exclusively.(SD JB/'59 Pickups),Dean Edge 5 bass, Drums done in Acid Pro. "Amps" are the Digitech RP2000 direct.
  2: For The Love Of God is one that I've always wanted to play so I decided to go for it in 2007. It's not note for note of the original, I'm just going for the overall "feel" of it more than anything else. This track was played on the Jackson USA KE-2 Kelly with SD JB/Jazz pickups through my POD XT Live direct.
  3: Jem Jam is the oldest song on here (1994) and was my first attempt at home recording. I have no idea why it's gotten on the front page here at MP3Lizard, it's definitely not my best work now, but it was in 1994 :-) It was done on my1987 Ibanez Jem7RB (Root Beer) w/ Dimarzio Evolution pickups. I sent it to Lee Garver at GMW GuitarWorks and had it refinished to "Nu-Grape" Purple. I hadn't had a good Floyd Rose tremolo guitar in a while back then, I'd been playing a Les Paul for years so it's "whammy bar hell"... No overdubs. At all. Anywhere. Period.
  4: Killing Kelly is a jam I did in April 2005. It's just me and a drum machine. I used the Jackson USA KE-2 Kelly for this one, hence the name :-) No overdubs. At all. Anywhere. Period.
  This track was previously available here as "April Jam Track" and has only been slightly remixed.
  5: Necromancer's Boogie is a jam from 2006, it kind of reminds me of what Joe Satriani would sound like if he didn't have all that pesky talent getting in the way. I used my Ibanez USA Custom Necromancer's Castle guitar,Digitech RP2000 and Marshall JCM900/Laney GC-30V run in stereo to my Marshall 1960 4x12 cab and a no-name 4x12 with Celestions/Randall speakers respectively. Shure/Peavey mics into my Nady MXE-812 mixing console. The solo is 100% live, as it was played, warts and all. No overdubs. At all. Anywhere. Period.
  6: **NEW 1/2009**
  Rejuvenated is a track I did on my 1984 BC Rich Gunslinger through the POD XT Live. Bass is the Dean Edge 5 string
  7: Although not really "Metal" per se, Spoofest is sort of a "magic moment" caught on tape back in 1999. Phill Hanback and I just "spoo'ed" (did improv soloing) over a basic jam track and this is the result.A "Spoo-fest". :-) Live, 1 pass solos. I'm on the right, Phill is on the left of the mix. I played my BC Rich Warlock (EMG 81/81 Pickups), and Phill is on his Ibanez RG550 (Bill Lawrence pickups). No overdubs. At all. Anywhere. Period.
  Original songs copyright Russ Henry
  Others respective of their own copyright and used by permission.
  Here's the whole "herd" of guitars:
  Image hosted by
  1980 Silverburst
  2003 Jackson USA KE-2 Kelly
  1989 Ibanez USA Custom "Necromancer's Castle"
  1987 Ibanez Jem7RB
  1978 Hamer USA Sunburst
  1984 BC Rich Gunslinger
  1984 BC Rich Warlock Custom
  2001 Fender scalloped fretboard Stratocaster
  1980s Arbor single cut
  2002 Dean Edge 5 string bass
  1962 Guild acoustic
  1970s Martin/Goya Classical
   Jackson USA Kelly was SOLD :-(
  Ibanez SA Neck-Through (H/S/S)
  Epi ES-335 Dot Studio
  Moved to a different house than is in the picture :-)

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For The Love Of God n/a Download
Jem Jam n/a Download
Killing Kelly n/a Download
Necromancer's Boogie n/a Download
Spoofest in E minor Opus 1 n/a Download

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