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Cains Charger

Cains Charger
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Christian Wilson: Guitar/Vocals
  Brian Cain: Bass/Backs
  Looking For New: Drummer

General info

  Cains Charger is a (3) piece pop/rock band temporarily based out of Indy. Moving out to LA First part of Jan 2007. Currently writting and recording New material for a 2007 Release called
  "Critics Playground" We are currently looking for a drummer that wants to travel nonstop and make a name for themselves.
  For the last couple of years Cains Charger has been locked in the studio developing a style of music to call there own. After playing a few local shows with a great live sound and tightness, the band looks forward to traveling and playing shows around the country. With touring and nonstop recording Cains Charger looks forward into sharing there passion & dedication
  to music with anyone humble enough to listen.
  Cains Charger just finished a video for single release off there upcoming "LP" and is working on improving there website. up and coming shows are in the works.

Download free music

undercoat n/a Download
Yes I'm Loaded - Demo n/a Download

Latest tracks

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