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Rick Roman & The Synthetic Music Machine

Rick Roman & The Synthetic Music Machine
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Rick Roman: All the instruments and vocals and the help that comes from the Lord.

General info

  Christian Rock/ Pop/ Progressive/ Retro. The Sound: Guitars Korg Synthesizer Percussion and Vocals. If you enjoy creative rock, if you love the Lord and His Word or just searching for truth, these songs might help you along on your journey. May the God bless you as you listen. Rick also belongs to a group called Christian Raw Dog and is available to hear on mp3lizard. If you would like to download more free music from Rick Roman and The Synthetic Music Machine you can go to our web page

Download free music

Even In Your Old Age n/a Download
Everywhere I Go n/a Download
Get Out Of My Life n/a Download
Greater Is He n/a Download
The Beggar n/a Download
The Dreamers Dream n/a Download
The Shadow Of The Almighty n/a Download

Latest tracks

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