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Members of the band

  Andy Loy- Vocals
  Chris King- Vocals
  Kevin Miller- Guitar
  Ryan Sonak- Guitar
  Sean Belcher- Drums
  Jeremy Shown- Bass
  Mark Brown- Samples

General info

  Rotation began in early 1999 in a sleepy Michigan suburb about 20 miles south of Detroit. The seven members all hail from different musical backgrounds, bringing a medley of different styles to the table. Lead guitarist Kevin Miller was playing in a punk band and opening for groups such as The Suicide Machines and Mustard Plug, while rhythm guitarist Ryan Sonak was in a modern rock band playing the local scene. At the same time Jeremy Shown (bass), Andy Loy and Chris King (vocals) were also playing in the same club circuit with their own group. Fate drew them together, and with the addition of Sean Belcher on drums and Mark Brown on samples, the seven knew they could become a force to be reckoned with. The chemistry between the members was strong, and they had a common vision of what the future of music might be. Rotation began to immediately stand out from the other bands in the scene. Their reputation for putting on a great live show with solid original music made club owners and promoters take notice. Soon the band was opening up for national acts like Kittie, Machinehead, Clutch, Spineshank, Taproot, and Biohazard - all while building a large and dedicated following of their own. The band entered the studio in late 2000 and recorded a 5-song demo that sold over 1500 copies locally, which added to their already growing fan base. By spring of 2001, Rotation was headlining their own shows, and drawing 400 - 600 kids in the Michigan area and over 300 in Northwestern Ohio. This also garnered them airplay on regional college stations as well as night spins on commercial stations such as 89X, WRIF, and even Detroit’s talk radio/ Howard Stern affiliate 97.1 FM during its weekend music shows. Released on the band’s own Transmission: 222 label imprint, Rotation's new 6-song EP 'This is Automatic' is an emotional roller coaster from start to finish, that bounces between raw power and melody like no other. Recorded in July of 2001, and produced by Detroit-based record industry rep Scott Guy, who had contributed to the early development of artists such as Soundgarden, Big Chief, The Suicide Machines, Monster Magnet, and Sum 41. Guy saw potential in the group having seen the band’s kinetic live shows and hard working attitude. “ These kids were consistently blowing away the national acts and selling tons of t-shirts, jackets, and demos” states Guy. He adds, “The band chose not to overplay within the Michigan area and build more of a rave-styled party atmosphere at their shows”. On top of this, Rotation seems to bring out just as many female fans as males to their shows, which is unusual for heavier guitar driven bands.” The opening track, ‘Pressure’, is a song that people really relate to", says vocalist Andy Loy, "Everyone feels helpless sometimes in the face of their problems, and everyone needs a release- I try to convey that in the lyrics." 'Lost and Faded', touches on the highs and lows of having a close relationship with someone. Sonically 'Lost and Faded' is both melodic and hard-hitting at the same time. States guitarist Sonak, "Were a heavy band that's not afraid to be mellow once in awhile…we like to change it up a lot." Rotation showcases their mean streak in 'Teething'. From the sharp guitar hooks to the bass drops and haunting vocals - this song moves the crowd every time. Lyrically, the song spins an interesting tale. "You ever wake up and wonder if you’re still dreaming? That's what this song is all about," vocalist Chris King explains. The title track, 'This is Automatic', lets Rotations' punk/hardcore roots shine. Undeniably the heaviest groove on the EP, it combines a poetic message with powerful guitar riffs and explosive drumming. The final track is Rotation's take on an old Steppenwolf song 'Magic Carpet Ride'. "We always loved the song and wanted to make it appeal to the kids of today," says drummer Sean Belcher. The new arrangement definitely adds some punch to the classic! Crushing guitar hooks and lyrical intensity unleashed from a small town abounds on this emotional debut release, and this is only the beginning. For Rotation, bonding together to express their need to escape from the constraints of a “small town suburban life” is not just a coincidence. THIS IS AUTOMATIC!

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