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Rosy Dream

Rosy Dream
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  B.Crosstream, Drums, Vocals
  Jay Victory Bass, Vocals
  Tim Stealer Vocals, Guitar

General info

  Turbocharged Rolling Stones... With their heavy, 70’s prog-glam sound, Rosy Dream are like Slade, Gary Glitter, Status Quo, and whatever glam-leaning NWOBHM bands you can think of, all rolled up into one big ball of Marshall stacks and tartan plaid... Monster Magnet blasted on sugar pills... AC/DC trio... These are comments about Rosy Dream
  Lunacy and energy. Thatīs what rockīn roll should be, according to Rosy Dream. In mid 90īs it was considered childish and rock prefered to be intellectual. To make their point, Rosy Dream referred to the most lunatic perioid of rock history: 70īs glam rock. At the time of Circus Line- record, the band literally looked like a circus. Rosy Dream kept going on until these kind of ideas began to be mainstream.
  The band gets older and the rock gets harder. The band still enjoys driving around the country with their rusty van. The arragements of the songs has now more emphasis on guitar and sound is more profound. When this hard rocking trio from the dusty road starts to boom their heavy rockīn roll out from their scraped amplifiers, the band gets sweaty and the audience as well....

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13th Day n/a Download
Full Sound In Stereo n/a Download
I donīt Care n/a Download
Lazer Macy n/a Download
Letīs Rockīn Roll n/a Download
On The Career n/a Download
Red Color Of Love n/a Download

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