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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  ROSEMARY Haskins- vocals, guitar, bass, percussion, mandolin, synths, whatever.
  Patrick Himes- guitar, bass, keys, and anything else you pt in front of him.

General info

  ROSEMARY’S Fabulous Biography...
   Rosemary has been playing music since age 13. Having grown up in Nashville, TN, she has had the fortune of playing out in local clubs and venues for some time now. She has been involved with numerous musical projects, (Andy Bodean and the Bottom Boys, Communist, Tim Chad and Sherry, Ultra Vulgar, Flyaway Minion, and E-banditos, to name a few). Many of these can be found and downloaded through Black Label Empire ( Rosemary partnered up with master engineer Patrick Himes (who has numerous credits and accolades to his name, including asst. engineer of Ryan Adam’s “Heartbreaker”) back in 2003. They began working on numerous singles and other projects. The two continue to record together at every possible opportunity. BLE anticipates a full-length record to come out from the duo sometime in early 2006. The album will reportedly be released on both CD and vinyl. At the moment, BLE has two singles and one short EP available for purchase, respectively titled “The Floater,” “Cha-Cha in Your Ear,” and “The Fabulous Life Of...”
  Rosemary and Patrick tackle everything together on the recordings they produce. Generally, speaking, Rosemary writes all lyrics and music, initially. Patrick then comes behind her and “cleans up [her] mess,” as Rosemary puts it. For the most part, all parts are played by both Rosemary and Patrick, with the occasional guest appearance. The two do everything themselves, including writing, recording, engineering, producing, etc.
  Rosemary was recently chosen as an editor’s pick from, and has received several other picks and reviews from various online indie radio sites. Most recently, Rosemary was accepted in to the internationally known SAE Institute, formerly known as Sound Audio Engineering, founded by Tom Misner. This new venture will undoubtedly only enhance her already noteworthy talents.
  For more information on Rosemary, please visit and
  Contacting the Fabulous ROSEMARY...
  Telephone: Country Code US: 001, 1-615-594-4040
  E-mail Address:
  Rosemary Haskins (c/o Water Works Entertainment)
  P.O. Box 120333
   Nashville TN, 37212, USA

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Cha-Cha In Your Ear n/a Download
Heavy Hand n/a Download
The Swim n/a Download

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