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Jen Nelson

Jen Nelson
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Jen Nelson - vocals, guitar

General info

  Based out of the South Shore of Massachusetts, singer/song writer Jen Nelson is plunging into the deep with her soul solid sound. Honest lyrics drive the rawness of clarity to her listeners. Talent is a dime a dozen but connection is the key and a constant in her music. She has been in the bands Slightly Cheaper and Mad Session, but she took the long road to find her own way with music. Finally on the freedom trail and being welcomed with open arms, Jen is bringing herself onto the stage, living it up with energy and bringing the crowd for the ride. She has also collaborated with the energetic and experimental musician Spogga for one of her recent tracks, "Wrong Thing, Right Time". With her former musical acts, Jen has played Bill's Bar, The Mullan Center, and Ryles Jazz Club. She is also a frequent performer at The Crow's Nest in Plymouth, and everyone should get ready to be dazzled again by her solo act. Like a furious wind with the mind to blow you away, that's just what will happen when you bring an open ear and an open heart to her show.

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'Nother Nickel, 'Nother Dime (The War Song) n/a Download
Met Funk n/a Download

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