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Robert Nix

Robert Nix
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Members of the band

  Robert Nix-All Instuments And Vocals

General info

  "Intelligent Pop/Alternative Songs For All Of Humanity"
   All Tracks Composed/Recorded By R.Nix
   Robert Nix Sites:
   I'm going to describe all the tracks on my 2 CD's,the first CD is entitled:"It's A Complicated World"( 8 Tracks:
  "AND YOU WANT TO BE KING" 2:48 from "It's A Complicated World"[GUITAR BASED TRACK]
  'A track about the lack of modesty so often found in today's society,some people aren't content with being a "peasant" or even a "prince",they have to at (all costs) be "KING"'
  "IT'S A COMPLICATED WORLD" 4:36 from "It's A Complicated World"[GUITAR BASED TRACK]
  'Finding a place to fit into in this ever changing "complicated world" "in which we live in" can be difficult for many people and quite frankly it can "leave you feeling jaded and torn"
  "A BLACK SPOT ON HUMANITY" 4:50 from "It's A Complicated World"[KEYBOARD BASED TRACK]
  A track about genocide-someone in Germany in the 1930's and 40's was able to get alot of people to assist him in wiping out almost all of this race's population in Europe.
  His/these actions along with all the other genocides that have occurred throughout human history have permanently put "A Black Spot On Humanity" to be perfectly honest with you.'
  A track about a girl I met,she was and I imagine still is completely dedicated to leading the vegan lifestyle and was interested in working with children-I wasn't able to get a relationship going with her but there was no doubt in my mind that this girl ,well "She Means Alot To Her Friends And Family"
  "THE GOOD DEEDS" 6:59 from "It's A Complicated World"[KEYBOARD BASED TRACK]
  'This track(and I'll admit it's a long one)is dedicated to all the MARTYRS of this world.'
  "COME TO YOUR SENSES" 5:13 from "It's A Complicated World"[KEYBOARD BASED TRACK]
  'I was thinking about some "bluesman"(no one in particular) who was the innovator of all these great guitar licks and song styles but he never got the credit he deserved-other people used his ideas and made a lot of money and achieved fame as well.'
  "IT'S THE DAY'S END" 2:55 from "It's A Complicated World"[KEYBOARD BASED TRACK]
  'The sun had definitely set when I composed this one-there's a certain feeling you get at the end of the day and I tried to capture it in this one.'
  'A little footnote-My Dad actually likes this track!'
  "I NEED YOU" 5:29 from "It's A Complicated World"[GUITAR BASED TRACK]
  'Just your basic "desire" type of song;be sure to checkout the "Waltz Section" in the middle of this track'.
  The 2nd CD is entitled:"Some Recordings..."( )12 Tracks:
  "I'LL NEVER BE THE SAME" 4:10 [KEYBOARD BASED TRACK]from "Some Recordings..."
  'In life you never know what's around the corner-you never know when "something from space"(A Metaphor)might reach out and grab you changing you forever and when you're changed forever-you'll "Never Be The Same"'
  "DON'T GIVE UP" 4:18[GUITAR BASED TRACK]from "Some Recordings..."
  'Very self explanatory lyrics in this one-be true to yourself and "Don't Give Up" on your ideas/dreams.'
  'Like the track "The Good Deeds"(from the CD "It's A Complicated World")this one is also dedicated to all the Martyrs out there.'
  'A track about not really being able to "fit-in" no matter how hard you try, but you still keep trying anyway-"You Went Around The Block""Trying To Make Your Move"!'
  "PRIVATE WORLD" 3:35[KEYBOARD BASED TRACK] from "Some Recordings.."
  'This one's about You and this one's about Me-everybody retreats into their "own little private world"at one point or another to try to find some sort of peace and meaning in this thing called life'.
  "IT'S OVER(INTO THE BLUE)" 3:27[GUITAR BASED TRACK] from "Some Recordings.."
  'A breakup song(a band that I was in),everybody went their separate ways one fateful day,taking off "into the blue" you might say'.
  "CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE" 4:06[GUITAR BASED TRACK] from "Some Recordings..."
  'The idea behind this one is that if you want to take "Control Of Your Life"you first have to take control of yourself,take control of your mind'.
  "A NEW TOMORROW 3:39[GUITAR BASED TRACK] from "Some Recordings..."
  'I was in an "optimistic mood" when I wrote this one-"We're Looking For A New Tomorrow We Don't Need Any More Yesterday's" and let's face it we've all had our fair share of lousy yesterday's'.
  "THE UNKNOWN" 2:43[KEYBOARD BASED TRACK] from "Some Recordings..."
  'The events that happen to you in life can never (if ever) be consistently predicted,there's always that "unknown" element lurking'.
  "LYING THERE DEAD" 3:18[GUITAR BASED TRACK]from "Some Recordings..."
  All the horrible crime stories I've seen on the news throughout the years inspired me to write this one and it's one of my personal favourites.'
  "TORTURE" 4:41[GUITAR BASED TRACK] from "Some Recordings..."
  'Often times we all dwell on the past too much, wishing we could have done things differently-this is a track about that particular subject.'
  "INCOMPLETE" 3:37[GUITAR BASED TRACK] from "Some Recordings..."
  Just your basic "Lonely Song" is all I have to say about this one.
  Please checkout the CD Review of "It's A Complicated World" by: below.
  Reviews: Robert Nix ~ It’s A Complicated World
  Posted on Saturday, April 08, 2006 @ 07:30:00 EDT
  Topic: Reviews
  Artist: Robert Nix
  CD: It's a Complicated World
  Home: Toronto,Canada
  Style: Rock
  Quote: "In this complicated world of ours, it’s good to know that smart and passionate people like Robert Nix are diligently using music to understand this complex home planet of ours."
  By Dan MacIntosh
  This CD's title reminds us that it’s a complicated world after all, and its creator, Robert Nix, doesn’t try to convince us otherwise. Nix’s singing voice sometimes sounds eerily like Jim Morrison of The Doors, who was himself an especially complicated individual. The world may be a complicated place, but Nix applies basic, good musical values to his songs here.
  In addition to this CD’s title track, “A Black Spot On Humanity” also reveals how Nix consistently applies a big picture viewpoint to his lyrics. His songs alternate between being guitar-based and keyboard-based, with “A Black Spot On Humanity” exemplifying one of his keyboard-oriented songs. This latter track also utilizes orchestral string elements.
  In contrast to his mostly wide angle lens lyrics, “She Means A Lot To Her Friends And Family” is positively microscopic in comparison. Nix can become extremely passionate while he’s singing, which sets the contrastingly quiet “It’s The Day’s End” apart from the rest. In this complicated world of ours, it’s good to know that smart and passionate people like Robert Nix are diligently using music to understand this complex home planet of ours.

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