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Robert Kunin

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Members of the band

  Robert Kunin -
  Taylor 514-ce(Acoustic)
  Ibanez ST50(Electric)
  Trumpet - Bach Stradivarius Model 37 S.

General info


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  New Robert Kunin Song
  Grand Street (not going to make it) NEW SONG!!!!!

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stream/RobertKunin-GrandStreet Play Robert Kunin song Grand Street (not going to make it)

There are many Free Robert Kunin MP3's at the bottom of this page.  

New Robert Kunin song, Things that you do


New Robert Kunin song, Bang Bang New York


  All of the mp3's on this page are Free to stream, or download. ...


  Hang out, take a few minutes, and play/download some of the songs.

  The songs here are not in any particular order. They have been taken from a

  few of Robert Kunin CDs

  Hopefully we will be adding more songs in the near future.

  Robert Kunin's music is a combination of acoustic, and electric guitars

  (sometimes with trumpet), with a mix of Rock, Progressive Folk, Blues,

  Word, and Metal (with SATIRE).


Robert Kunin CD's

  Old Songs

  Rock Folk Blues Word

  She Went Up to Heaven

Conscious Reality


Other CD's Band of Indie Artists


Movies (Kunin music has been in)

  Exposure (2007)



  In case you are having problems downloading(or want to find more Kunin music) try these other sites:

  Internet Archive has 18 Kunin songs(check it out):



  Information about Robert Kunin, and a place to find new Kunin music


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  Experimental; Indie; Jazz; Spoken;


  The Song Links below take you to the Internet Archive

  and you can play KUNIN music there

  as well as download KUNIN music for free

  This is a safe site.


  You can download Kunin music in the form of a computer file(mp3)

and play it on a computer, portable digital audio player, CD player(some), and DVD players(some) .

MP3′s are great for downloading because their high level of compression reduces download times, but they still offer a high

level of sound quality. For some, CD quality(not mp3) is still the only way.



Song MP3 Links:

Robert Kunin Alcohol and Drugs

  Robert Kunin - I want you Tonight

  Robert Kunin - Binghamton

  Robert Kunin - Gypsy

  Robert Kunin - Techno Crap

  Robert Kunin - Grace

  Robert Kunin - Hey Baby

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  KUNIN - Mother

  KUNIN - Backroads Blues

  KUNIN - Gypsy

  KUNIN - Grace

  KUNIN - Bang Bang New York

  KUNIN - I want you tonight
  Robert Kunin - Heaven(acoustic)
  Robert Kunin - I can fly
  Robert Kunin - Noise
  Robert Kunin - Make you
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  Robert Kunin - Backroads

Download free music

Bring Me Home (just the blues) n/a Download
Conscious Reality n/a Download
Gypsy 3.48 MB Download
Heaven (acoustic) n/a Download
I want you tonight 2.89 MB Download
Make You 3.35 MB Download
Mother 3.03 MB Download

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