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robert j.a. macdonald

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Members of the band

  ...all instruments/production/songwriting by robert j.a. macdonald

General info

  ...The demo recordings of robert j.a. macdonald.
  Every new album is a chance to do something different. From project to project Iíll jump from acoustic to metal, done tastefully, with good songwriting and good riff-age!
  I also try to be positive and uplifting with my lyrics, to have a positive bottom line to it all.
  Iíve been playing guitar for 16 years, and recording for the past 5 years in my personal home studio.
  Tho I still call all these tracks Ďdemosí, (because im yet to record anything professionally), the over all quality of my production keeps getting better, so I am happy.
  Thank you for stopping by and having a listen! Rob

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any worthy ask for n/a Download
for solitude (instrumental) n/a Download
method to the maker n/a Download
the false of glory n/a Download
to set our gods aside n/a Download
upon the winds of heaven n/a Download
what they have left behind n/a Download

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