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Robert Marcus

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country / country rock


Members of the band

  Robert Marcus - Gibson Tobias 5 string electric bass guitar, really cheap Fender acoustic and electric guitars, archaic MIDI keyboard, vocals, lyrics, compositions, arrangements and a dinky home studio consisting of nothing more than an archaic Windows PC and two rather complex Yamaha sound cards with hardware effects, a mixer, microphone, etc. And, no, that's not really a picture of me. If it was, I might be famous ....

General info

  Here's the deal: Most of my stuff is jes's plain satire. Most of it subtle, some songs, not on this site, much more outright. Why, I even wrote a scathing song about our president of the United States
  which basically comes right out and says he's an A**hole! That song may be sent to you via file attachment upon request. In fact, my most popular song on MP3lizard is the one about this president. So, do you want more? Do you? Lemme know! I'll give it to you! 'Cause there's millions who feel like I do. And I'm mild about it. Trust me.
  AS far as my background, I am self taught and was fortunate enough to have played with some heavyweights -- some known in exclusive circles, some known worldwide, and some not known at all but are still incredibly great artists like Melton Mustafa. Anyone ever heard of him? Probably not. A giant on jazz trumpet. And in America, jazz is like a dirty word or something. Interesting that the greatest art mankind has ever created is virtually shelved by corporations. Now, how about Bruce Hornsby? Of course you have. He's world famous. And be went commercial and he's schooled in music and BOOM! Big success, but who also knows of Melton Mustafa. Get where I'm comin' from?
  Drop me a line if you wanna converse with this pseudo-intellectual about anything. One is as alive as one can communicate, you know. And in art, communication is everything.
  Thanks, Robert

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Bush's Iraq n/a Download
Drinkin', Drinkin', Drinkin', n/a Download
I Got You (I Feel Good) n/a Download
Oh, Mama n/a Download
Run for the Border n/a Download
The Beer Song n/a Download
The Revolution Revisted n/a Download

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