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Riku Avanto ja Spermaiset Nakit

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Members of the band

  Albert: vocals, programming, kazoo-flute, guitar, synths and bass
  Kake Moottori: vocals, programming, kazoo-flute, guitar and synths
  Silsa X: vocals, programming, kazoo-flute, guitar and bouzouki
  Mad Turkee: "drums", "percussions", so-called "vocals" and "programming"
  Evidence: [top secret]

General info

  Hee hee - we're kinda funny.
  We have own channel #rasn in IRCNet for our true [nerd] fans.

Download free music

Eemeli suloinen 1.25 MB Download
James 2.14 MB Download
Jumpassa on jujua 1.97 MB Download
Korso 3.63 MB Download
Kosmisia ilmiöitä 1.70 MB Download
Krapulainen norsu 0.68 MB Download
Kuningas Gnurr 3.07 MB Download
Mummolaulu 2.93 MB Download
Oui, monsieur! 2.80 MB Download
Pöytä notkuu 1.48 MB Download
Rasmus Kekkonen 2.10 MB Download
Runkkasin juhannuskokkoon 2.89 MB Download
Ystävämme krapula 2.26 MB Download
Äkkiä viinaa 3.18 MB Download
Älä kuuntele tätiä 2.13 MB Download

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