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Members of the band

  chris - guitar/vox
  sam - drums/vox
  kev - bass/backin vox

General info

  a 3 piece alternative/indie/garage/punkyish band from the north east, newcaslte.
  we've bin making music together for years but had a long break of about a year. we got back together a few months ago, wrote loadsa songs, and here we are with loads of songs. we just need loadsa gigs now.
  we recorded 5 tracks on 7th march at chilly roads 1st Avenue recording studio. the recordings? fuckin amazin, the sound quality is immense. the bloke is an absolute genius, tellin ya. we would advise anyone who is interested in recording to go there. fair enough it is 200 but but well worth the dable.

Download free music

Digital n/a Download
drum track n/a Download
the way thing's are n/a Download
the boogieman (acoustic) n/a Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks