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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Andrew Carswell – lead vocal, guitars
  Paul Carswell – keyboards, backround vocals
  Brent Hayes – guitars
  Aaron Okada – bass
  Doug Parker – drums, percussion

General info

  Referred to as a mix of The Killers and U2, these five musicians create a sense of passion and depth in their music that is seldom found in today’s rock. With intelligent lyrics, smooth and catchy hooks, the sound is reminiscent of all that has brought Ride The Bull to what they are today - a refreshing revitalization of retro 80's, power rock and hard pop with a twist of Manchester.
  Ride The Bull attracts a broad audience - aimed at a more sophisticated group than most pop rock acts of today, Ride The Bull, still manages to speak to the youth market with engaging guitar and bass riffs, solid drumming, integral keyboards and meaningful lyrics.

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