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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Stephen - Songwriter/Composer/Guitars/Bass/Drums
  Louie - Vocals

General info

  Stephen Horton & Louie Heperi are "Rezinator" from Auckland, New Zealand
  Stephen has worked very hard independently releaseing their album ?Who?s to Blame? in late Feburary ?2005. Production for their single off their album" track "Paradise Gallows" music dvd is now complete to accompany their album, please view thier dvd at Rezinator have been enjoying some airplay on WRGL Radio in the USA and have had their cd requested there, by DJ Ric Carter for air play so they have a small fan base in the States.The multi talented Stephen Horton writes, composes and produces all his own original music from home. Rezinator have taken part in the Kaleidoscope World Series #9 and have their track, In The City, on the Powertool Records compilation cd of the same name and also two songs on the Auckland Rock club compalation cd produced by Anja president fo the we rock club. Stephen has worked very hard, over eleven months during 2004, on debut 10 track album Who's To Blame, recording, composing, producing, writing, and mastering etc. Louie's contrubution to the album is that of lyricist only to six of the songs. Many late and sleepless nights lay ahead of Stephen before their album was released in late Feb 2005. Louie was invited to sing for Stephen and perform these tracks live as a rock duo around Auckland city. Rezinator have competed in the 2004 Auckland Battle of the Bands. Also appearing on the Good Morning Show live in Wellington 2004, also appearing on Coast (Maori) Televison 2005,along side other top New Zealand acts. Album number two is in the pipeline and will hopefully be released late 2006 by Stephen only working alone now, Ultimately Rezinator would like to contribute in a positive way to the music industry.Stephen is also soloist on Songplanet, solo name as "Legion" please check him out as he will be adding more instrumental songs to his web page. rock hard but dont die trying.

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back to stay n/a Download
contemplation n/a Download
no ones home n/a Download
paradise gallows n/a Download
the march of hella n/a Download
trial by fire n/a Download
way of the world n/a Download

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