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Members of the band

  -Dimitriy Pavlovskiy - Guitars, Vocals
  -Vasiliy Irzhak - Drums
  Past Members:
  Yuriy Yakob - Bass, Studio Keyboards (2009 - 2010);
  Roman Beliy - Drums (2009 - 2010).

General info

  The Band was created in city Uzhgorod at the end of 2009. The Style beat is determined not immediately. First, the Band was going to play hard-rock, rock'n'rol, blues-rock, but since 2010 this fascination переросло in serious of the intention to play the qualitative music.
  In 2010 band has recorded their first album "TORN" and begin to search keyboard-playr. After long, searching for key-player,Yuriy Yakob & rRoman Beliy left the Band.
  Now band have a new Drummer - Vasiliy Irzhak & search new bass & keyboard-player.
  Style: Progressive/Neoclassical/Melodic Metal
  Influence: Time Requiem, Silent Voives, Symphony X, Space Odyssey, Majestic, Metallica, Dream Theatre etc.

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