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Reh Dogg

Reh Dogg
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Members of the band

  Rasean Blyden- Solo Artist
  Yahmaha keyboard, cakewalk plasma, fruity loop Pro drum machine, Ejay, Digital orchestra pro, Tehmaster,Cool Edit Pro 2000, Cake Walk, CDEX, Music Matchbox Pro, & telex M-560 microphone

General info

   have been perfoming since 1989. My styles are alternative pop, mainstream hip-hop, and battle hip-hop, dance, world, and RnB. The vocal style is heavy and hard hitting.
  I like to collaborate with Artists from all over the World via online. Musically or vocally.

Download free music

Comparing Past Lovers 3.08 MB Download
Death & Pestelence Ft. PDWelfare 4.24 MB Download
Diplomatic Affairs 4.19 MB Download
Don't Want Anyone Else Now 3.67 MB Download
Fear FT Reh Dogg & PDWelfare 3.26 MB Download
I'm Losing My Mind 3.17 MB Download
You're So Fucking Special 3.65 MB Download

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