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Members of the band

  Reg Keyworth guitarist/songwriter.
  Guest artists appear at different shows.
  Based in the USA.
  Specialising in Jingles to Singles.

General info

  !!! Gotta get a Fu%#in' Job!!!
  !!! Erin's Surf Song!!!
  !!! Santa Fe Diablo!!!
  !!! Stealth!!!
  !!! Latin Wine!!!
  "Gotta get a Fu%#in' Job"
  Originally released in Australia under "Whitey"...this song rocks along for the un-employed!!
  "Erin's Surf Song"
  Its full of tight stratocasters,rippin their way through like lightning on the horizon!!
  This is aimed to sound like a 1960s surf era style.
  grab your surfboard and girl and head out to the waves!!!
  Santa Fe Diablo....
  just like out of a 1960s western movie....the devil rides from the Mexican border to Santa Fe....
  into the sunset...on a black stallion...
  Latin Wine
  Fast ,furious,just like the fighter,sheer rock guitar energy!
  Demos Recorded in Albuquerque New Mexico USA.copyright 2005/2006.
  RKR production studios.
  For more songs/jingles...check out the below sites.

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Erin's Surf Song n/a Download
Gotta get a Fu*#in' Job.!!! n/a Download
Latin Wine n/a Download
Santa Fe Diablo n/a Download
Stealth n/a Download

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