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Red Baron Band

Red Baron Band
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Mirek Jech - singer, harp
  Paul Kowacz - guitar, singer, Hammond organ, clavinet, analog synth, Mellotron
  Mechy - bass guitar
  Radek Miner Horník - drums

General info

  The band may trace it's beginnings to year 1993, when guitar player Paul Kowacz (ex Crosstown Traffic, General Purpose) and percussionist Radek Hornik along with bass and keyboard player formed a group called Burning Ray, playing for the most part their own instrumental music, paying homily to the classics of hard rock genre. Since beginning of 1995 Mechy is taking over the bass guitar duty and the trio makes their first demo under the new name Red Baron. Later that year they've managed to successfully woo away and bring aboard the front man of Freeway Jam and Black Rain, singer Ian Holecek who stays with the band 'til 2003 (1997 sabbatical notwithstanding). During those years the band not only makes two LPs, their "The First Album" is released in the year of 2000 and "In the Light" sees light of a day in 2003 ( both made in Pilsen's Avik studio), but manages to change their name to its present Red Baron Band as well. During the Pilsen's recording sessions they've brought in some legendary musicians such as Emil Viklicky and Zuzana Michnova and also boosted the arrangements by bringing in a small groups of brass and classical violins and cellos.
  In July 2003 the band has been rocked by unexpected leaving of Ian Holecek to start his solo career. Their last concert takes place at the 10th National Ralley Festival where they are the main feature of Saturday night's concert. Immediately there after the remaining trio has started their search for a new front-man. In November that year they manage to record a single "Music Must Change" that's been pitched to the local radio stations.
  Early next year (April 9th, 2004) the band starts working with a new singer, guitar and harmonica player Mirek Jech so that he is able to master the band's older production along with the new stuff that's been written since. Since June 2004 RBB is again touring and enjoying increasing popularity among concertgoers. In September that year the band is releasing a reworked maxi-single "Music Must Change." Prague's Radio Beat program called "Beat Hope" picked up a single "Like a Fool" that's playing to an enthusiastic radio listeners who will consequently vote it program's #1 song. (RBB will be making an animated video clip of the song).
  In December that year band is featured at the sold out Beat Fest at club Roxy where they claim the best band prize.
  2005 is spent by touring and perfecting of their third album - the final version of "Music Must Change." Among the various musical collaborators they've introduced vibraphone player Radek Krampl, fiddle player Honza Moc and brass players (Linhart, Dolezal, Kalfus and Jiskra). They are just finishing the CD's cover.
  In 2006 RBB has made a video clip "Remedy" which is a part of their next CD and that has premiered on TV station "Ocko". Band has seized this opportunity to introduce to their audiences the new member of the group, keyboardist Vilem Mikyska. Later in April, they've released the second single from the coming album "Remedy."

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