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Recent Photo

Recent Photo
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Members of the band

  Derek Wu - bass, vocals, keys, handclaps, kazoo, cello
  Joe Mason - theremin, drum machines and other noisemakers
  ...and lately featuring...
  Candy Lane - drums, vocals
  Tris Lucas - guitars

General info

  We're a Chicago noise-pop-rock band aiming to please you.
  Below are three free MP3s, songs 1-3, from our 2005 full-length CD "The Monster Within."
  In our biased opinion, "Monster" is best taken in as a 39 minute experience, which Roctober Magazine describes as a "fun journey to nasty" and Evil Sponge calls "a very fun record." The CD comes with cover art by Ezra Claytan Daniels, CD art by Tamara Wasserman. Buy it (or select songs) at Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Emusic, etc., etc.
  Contact us at See updates at Hear other Recent Photo-related projects at
  Thanks for listening!

Download free music

1. The Slightest Slight n/a Download
2. A Small Crumb n/a Download
3. BMX Motorcade n/a Download

Latest tracks

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