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  whats up world its your boy Raw.B! i was born and raised in the west indies (shout out to all my third world people out there). when you come from a part of the world notorious for extreme poverty its easy to paint vivid pictures to the brutal reality of today's modern society. it aint all sun sand and sea...TRUST ME... i currently resided in north carolina (shout out to all my country folk). Bush Medicine vol. 1 The Antidote is my introduction to the mixtape game! its been 10 years in the making and it the cure for all the mundane lack luster lyrics lacking music that is out there. REAL HIP HOP is back (with a caribbean twist)...

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all you got to do n/a Download
badunkadunkdunk n/a Download
duty n/a Download
fire n/a Download
gangsta ish n/a Download
in the bahamas n/a Download
love me like you do n/a Download

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