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Members of the band

  Chris Raines

General info

  Chris brings a fresh rock/pop sound to the world of music.
  Musical inspirations include Matchbox 20, Tabithas Secret, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Maroon 5, and Alice in Chains.
  The up and down career of the past 15 years have seen many promising songs and great performances.
  Here you'll find brand new songs that will appear on future albums.
  Come Back Home and A Little More where written at the same time he put out his Third album in Jan. of 2004.
  Sunrise is a joint project with former Daystar bandmate and great friend, Jamie Warner. Jamie wrote, recorded, and produced all the music for the song and Chris wrote the lyrics, provided all the vocals, and the final mix for the song. It will appear on an upcoming Daystar album.

Download free music

A Little More n/a Download
Come Back Home n/a Download
Handbasket 4.68 MB Download
I'm Not Around 3.85 MB Download
Million Miles 4.47 MB Download
Sunrise n/a Download

Latest tracks

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