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Raili's People

Raili's People
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Members of the band

  Jb10 (music maker all intruments, mixer, songwriter, background vocal, dj, producer)
  Raili Mätäpaise (main singer, songwriter)
  Edward "Setä" Heikinheimo (background vocal, songwriter, support person)
  + Always Visiting Guests: Alma Naamahuora (vocal, songwriter), Erno Musakka (vocal) & TMJ (vocal, songwriter, producer)

General info

  The best "humorband" ever !!!
  14 albums, over 200 tracks already made to laugh people off.
  Also several tracks about porn, sexual insulting, lovepain, rasism, profanity and all things and jokes about anything.
  Usually pop-kind of style music, but also rock, ballad, techno, dance, R&B, rap and also not so very popular but a great new soundstyle "handpop".

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Away From Here 3.25 MB Download

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