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Members of the band

  Vincenzo Giuliani - Vocals
  Ricky Rhiger - Drums
  Mike Doyle - Guitar
  John Savee - Bass

General info

  So you say you can’t take a band named RAD seriously. In an industry tainted by emo band after emo band and boy bands taking over the television, we’d rather nobody did. So you’re still reading, eh? If you’re the type who likes pounding their fists into the wall listening to good old fashioned rock and roll, then you’ve found the right band. Rock and roll, you say? I thought that was dead. That seems to be the general assumption among the folks in “the Santa Barbara scene” here, but I swear we’re taking the best of our punk roots and using it to create trashy rock songs fueled by the remnants of teenage angst and the fact that we’re past the legal drinking age. We’ve also begun spreading the disease… we’ve been on a west coast tour and we’re looking to hit up the entire nation pretty soon, so lock your daughters up at night (and your booze) because Chaxel and his gang will be invading your town next. So this whole time you’ve been saying what does rock and roll have to do with punk? We say you’re an idiot. Go listen to some Creed, because you’ll hate RAD.

Download free music

Afraid 2.00 MB Download
Burning Dreams 2.08 MB Download
Monster's Wrath 2.14 MB Download
On The Way 2.60 MB Download

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