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Radio Fonic Oddity

Radio Fonic Oddity
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General info

  Music from Radio Fonic Oddity (RF0) is composed on a computer by taking royalty-free samples, dubbing, and layering them with various programs with effects.
  You've never heard anything like this before.
  One of the songs was choreographed with a film short that appeared in the 1999 Chicago Film Festival. Another track belongs to a compilation CD released in Texas, 2000. New songs are always under development and RFO loves to make new music!
  Composed using Sony's ACID Pro and Mixman's Studio Pro. Youtube Videos created with WMM.

Download free music

44 Channel n/a Download
After Silence 6.06 MB Download
Heart & Heals 3.20 MB Download
Mystery n/a Download
Objects in the World 1.25 MB Download
Reflecting n/a Download
The Craft n/a Download

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