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Quantum Level

Quantum Level
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Members of the band

  Tomi Antikainen (Composer, Producer, Singer, Player and the Leader of the band)
  Matias Jaakkola (Guitar)
  Petteri Hyvärinen (Guitar, Composer, Singer)

General info

  Tomi was born in 4th of March 1983 in Kuopio, Finland. Tomi has studied music since 3rd grade (1992) and he has graduated from Kuopio Senior Highschool of Music in 2002 and later from Kuopio Conservatory musician's degree programme in 2006. He is also the Bachelor of Computer Science (graduated 2011). Tomi started to compose music in 1998.
  Matias Jaakkola is the talented guitarist of Quantum Level. He has graduated from Kuopio Senior High School of Music in 2002. He is a big fan of Joe Satriani. He plays the guitar in songs: Light of Spring, Autumn Light, Cosmos, Galaxy Faraway, Space Angels, Jupiter Moves, Stars, Space Jam, Christmas Bells and Insane Funk.
  Petteri Hyvärinen is a composer and a guitarist of the Quantum level. He has been composing and playing the guitar for many years. He is a very creative person and loves to improvise and sing. He has studied socialpsychology at the University and so He tries to combine His studies in to his Lyrics. Petteri plays guitar in songs: Jupiter Moves, Autumn Light, Stars, Window to Paradise, Mount Teide, Tenerife, Atlantic Ocean, Loving Memories, Life, Across the Stars, Starlight Guitar, Space Jam, Insane Funk, The Beast, Walking in the Forest, New Lifeform in Arizona and Grand Canyon.
  Quantum Level compose Synthpop, Dance, Ambient, Progressive Electronic Music. Tomi is a composer and the leader of the group. He has 14 years experience of composing music.

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Cosmos n/a Download
Damaged Personality n/a Download
Jupiter Moves n/a Download
Life n/a Download
Mount Teide n/a Download
New York n/a Download
Space Angels n/a Download

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