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Queen City Boyz

Queen City Boyz
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Members of the band

  D aka. City Boi
  Will aka. Strait Hood

General info

  Queen City Boyz
  Career: Rappers
  Contact:(704) 537-2564
  Location: United States of America - NC - 28215
  Queen City Boyz are 4 friends that grew up in the same local neighborhood of Milton Road, Charlotte, North Carolina. We have been rapping for about 11 and a half years. We mostly been rapping since we were 7. We started to get serious about rapping when people told us we were good. Queen City Boyz ( the name ) came about because Charlotte is also known as the Queen City and we think were the best in Charlotte. So we are Queen City's Finest.Our music is what we like to call Eastside Crunkkk. Strait Hood City Boi Tray Pat Are all the members in the goup known as Tha Queen City Boyz. ages ranges from 18 yrs to 16 yrs Website: e-mail: phone: 704-537-2564 05 704-605-9423 Text: 704-222-1654

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