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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Matt, AKA "Lumper" Guitar,Lyrics
  Brian, AKA "Purge" Vocals
  James, AKA "JJ" Guitar
  Rusty, AKA "Tsargoth" Bass
  Ari, AKA "The Kid" Drums

General info

  Pyramis means "the Pyramid"
  The strongest geometrical shape, represents unity, strength, power.
  Pyramis is a 5 piece original rock band out of the northeastern United States, CT to be exact.
  We combine powerful rythms with pounding beats and meaningful lyrics to create original yet meaningful and familiar songs that convey the emotions which inspired the song in the first place.
  You can keep up with the band by visiting our website,
  Formed officialy in September 06, and once again with our newest member in March 07 we have played over a dozen shows including a few Battles which we won.
  Our bassist and Drummer were both awarded best in their class overall and the band was the judges pick.
  We have a lot of songs and we are always writing.
  Recently we recorded a live 3 song demo with some new songs as well as a video broadcast that aired live on from Shatterproof studios in Southbridge, MA.
  All our media is available free on our website ( as well as pics, bios, news, and much more.
  We will be working with Jim Koplik productions during the fall and winter of 2007 in hopes to get some regional and national exposure including fm radio play.
  Stay Tuned.....

Download free music

Crimescene n/a Download
never look back n/a Download
Simplicity n/a Download
Struggle n/a Download
This aint the end n/a Download
Tunnels n/a Download
walking the streets n/a Download

Latest tracks

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