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Pushing Red Buttons

Pushing Red Buttons
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Steve Herrig: Keyboards & Vocals
  Rich Gaglia: Guitars & Vocals
  Scott Milbrath: Vocals
  Kip Overbo: Vocals
  Melvin Johnson: Guitars,Percussion & Vocals
  John Hartley: Bass,Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
  Dana Bailey: Harmonica,Clavinet & Vocals
  Bill Bailey: Drums,Percussion & Vocals

General info

  New York City based studio band recording original songs written by PRB Keyboardist Steve Herrig.
  Pushing Red Buttons explores a wide variety of musical styles(ie:Jazz-Rock,Pop,Progressive Rock,Funk and even a touch of C&W).
  The band released it's first 12 song CD titled "Down" on July 15th,2002 under the band name Norman Fell.
  While starting recording on their 2nd CD,the band changed it's name to a more fitting Pushing Red Buttons.
  Their new CD titled "Squares" should be finished before the end of the year.
  All 12 songs on the upcoming release are once again are written by Herrig.
  Recording now at RichSound Studios in New York City and Produced by Rich Gaglia.

Download free music

Bright Ideas 4.19 MB Download
Everybody's Waving Goodbye 3.37 MB Download
Hollywood 3.60 MB Download
Looking All Night 2.10 MB Download
No One Likes You 2.53 MB Download
Sightseeing with the Blind 2.92 MB Download
The Jesus of the Neighborhood 3.60 MB Download

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