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Members of the band

  Teppo Haapasalo - Voice
  Heikki Koistinen - Bass
  Tuomas Kokko - Guitar
  Henri Lindström - Drums
  Sami Hämäläinen - Guitar

General info

  PURITY2.0 was formed in March 2001 out of frustration with the prevailing circumstances. After the break-up of the previous line-ups all the remaining members had a need to play and, above all, write good, interesting music. Faith in the music, creativity and talent are the words to describe the band, its music and attitude. And, judging by the ample feedback, their melodic songs with the necessary rough edge have proved their power.
  What the year 2001 meant for the band was essentially songwriting, learning to play together, and getting to know each other. Since April, they decided to focus on writing new songs, and especially Tuomas played a significant part in the process. At best, he would produce three new songs per week, out of which the band selected the most potential ones together. Arranging and refining, along with the newly found creativity and determination, have brought about what you can now hear on the cd. If the year 2001 was about growth and development, 2002 should be about being seen. The band loves performing as much as they love their music. There’s enough charisma to fill any venue. The band is energetic and dynamic.
  Where it comes to describing the band and the music, you could take a pinch of experience and a dose of youth, mixed into a blend that is PURITY2.0, the band at the borderlines of musical categories. Looking for musical references, Faith No More or A Perfect Circle might take you reasonably close. With full album material and the following citations, we present to you a band that’s ripe and ready for the taking. Grab the truth!
  "Damn convincing that latest cd sampler, especially the first couple of songs... clearly the newcomer of the year." • Paranoid Inc., PURITY Guest Book
  "Right from the start Purity hits you, and hits you hard. Their melodic Tool-, Clawfinger-, Faith No More-influenced metal truly works. Their songs are loaded with beautiful strong melodies, in balance with power riffs and brilliant sounds. It is surprising how the lead vocalist clears such magnificent melodies with no trouble. They play with precision, without any futile tricks. The three-song demo is almost too good to be true. The opening song, "Vent", is short and to the point, without one single chord too many. "Cape" impresses with its grandeur, and makes the listener howl along with the chorus. They include slight progressive influences with some subtle time changes. Working! Only the last song on the demo, "My Town", is a tad boring, but then again, three brilliant songs in a row would have been too much anyway. I’ve yet to see Purity play live, but if they are as convincing on stage as they are on the cd, the sky is the limit for them, judging by how ready the demo sounds. Let’s hope that the band has an album full of songs as great as these three, and that someone releases them soon! (9,5)" • Antti Hietala, TREUNION demos
  "...Purity is also the most exportable of the Popcity-bands, actually they shouldn’t even be in the SM-league. The fact that nobody has yet signed a group that is as ready and original as this, is a wonder."
  "... In Lutakko, Purity presented a skilfully performed set oozing with hit potential, a show that practically screamed "this band should be recording!"’ • Juho Hämäläinen, Keskisuomalainen/culture February 10. 2002
  ’We are the band that has come to fill the void left by Faith No More.’ • Teppo, vocalist, PURITY2.0

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