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pubside down

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Members of the band

  Barbara Marti (Fiddle)
  Oliver Meyer (Vocals)
  Edith Gut (Flute)
  Sefan Marti (Guitar)
  Gerold Halder (Bass)
  Adrian Bucher (Drums)

General info

  The name pubside down indicates pretty much where they get their inspiration from. In fact most of the tunes pubside down is currently playing, were originally performed or invented in Irish pubs. By using different grooves and combining Irish-folkmusic with other styles such as reaggae, rock or even heavy metal the band is literally turning the traditional way of playing irish-folk upside down. In addition to that, they also write their own songs, which are usually built around a piece of a traditional irishtune. Exept from the bass, pubside down uses accoustic instruments only. That way they achieve a catchy but authentic sound.
  Since its conception in 2002 pubside down has been recognized by music lovers all over the world and became a insiderīs tip among celtic rock fans

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