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Snofru (psyence)

Snofru (psyence)
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Members of the band

  ..djswoop.. - Producer
  psyence - MC, Producer
  Anasazi - MC
  Mr.Jizz - MC

General info

  psyence is a part of the Swedish group Snofru, that creates hip hop music in both Swedish and English. They released the debut album "The 1st Symphonys From The Lavatory" December 2005.
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Download free music

..djswoop.. - The Beast (feat. Snofru) n/a Download
Bendover n/a Download
Snofru - Gubbar i Badkar n/a Download
Snofru - Stars n/a Download
Strange Days n/a Download
Stream of Voices (drum n bass) 6.01 MB Download
Wasting Time Waiting (drum n bass) 5.61 MB Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks