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Members of the band


Toby Thirling - Bass/Vocals

William Walker - Guitars

Kate O'Connor - Drums

Joseph Robson - Guitar/Vocals

General info


Protohero formed in the winter of 2003 when 4 friends decided to make music together. It was never supposed to go anywhere in particular until they realised that they were producing good, popular music.

  They soon became widely recognized as one of their local music scene’s most promising bands and won a Battle Of The Bands Competition, which gained them valuable recording studio time. The result was a highly acclaimed EP of catchy Punk rock tunes with a definite originality and distinction that has proved very popular throughout the North East. Tight performance and musical quality ensure that Protohero are on their way to bigger and it’s only a matter of time!

“Like most bands, Protohero started off as unknowns and played gig after gig in an effort to make a name for themselves. Barely a year later and they have blossomed into one of the North East's most promising talents. Drawing influences from every genre under the sun (that shines down so favorably upon them), Protohero wield power pop with the distinction of Millencolin. This is catchy punk rock that will bury its barbs in your brain, and you'll be damn grateful. These are going to be fighting the labels off with a large crooked stick.” --

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