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Members of the band

  STIMULUS RECEPTOR is a Project started by Skitzojase and JimmySmith, Diverse musical backgrounds with Skitzos Properganja history, Jimmys Metal fanatic past,Dan Nyack on Toms.

General info

  Stimulus Receptor have many virous types of music from Why was the way? Questioning Life to The metal song where no answers are needed. I need To Roll A spliff is a song that sums it all up.
  Properganja has moved on but the 2 trax 50 PERCENT AND WAR BAD N UGLY are still available to download,Properganja was produced by HIPSTAR, Skitzojase's cousin who is now working to achieve IN EUROPE.

Download free music

222 n/a Download
Fifty Percent 4.01 MB Download
METAL song n/a Download
Must Find More n/a Download
Patient n/a Download
War, Bad n Ugly 7.55 MB Download
Why was the way Rare mix n/a Download

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