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Product: Pain

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Members of the band

  Juha Simola - Vocals
  Marko Lavander - Guitar & B-vocals
  Mikko Lavander - Guitar
  Tuomas Leinonen - Bass
  Panu Lyytikainen - Drums

General info

  Product: Pain could be categorized in numetal or metal, althought you can find influences from diffrent musicstyles. Our music is really heavy-low-bashing style metal and if you have heard bands called Slipknot, Korn, Machine Head, Mudvayne, Tool, Coal Chamber, deftones and so on, you will propably like our music too... Check out our video from our website

Download free music

Erase 3.66 MB Download
Leave You (Drifting) 3.77 MB Download
Something... I Have 3.32 MB Download

Latest tracks

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