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Members of the band

  Alex - vocals
  Rikki Dixxx - guitars
  Juz tha Lova - bass
  JuŮior Boest - drums

General info

  Weíve been playing together actually for quite a long time. Basically Prode was formed at the beginning of the year 2000. Although the history of our previous band goes all the way to 1996, when Rice, Junior, Juz and former keyboardist Make started playing progressive rock/metal. A year later Alex joined in as a vocalist. From that point, the band called Future Shock. The band did gigs around Finland, recorded several demo tapes, but mostly we were just having a good time playing together. At 2000 time had come to make some serious rearrangements within the band. First of all, Make left the band and the remaining 4 members decided to create a new band - Prode. The bandís sound was brand new, and we were ready to start taking over the world.
  Being asked about a band, people always ask for a genre. Well, hereís some genres for yíall. Prode has been described - weirdly enough - as ĎCrack popí, when someone else would say itís modern metal. Letís go somewhere in between and we have -modern rock. Yeah, maybe thatís what it is. Itís definitely modern, yet itís definitely ROCK. But most importantly, when the band starts writing a new song, at that point you never know what the outcome might be. Prode just creates something that comes from inside, without trying to stay in some definite genre. Thatís how genuine music is made.
  Nude Celebrities (2000) Includes 3 songs: Sober day, Nude Celebrities, 25th degree. Edition of 500, almost sold out. Get your copy while you can.
  Cables (2002) Includes 3 songs: Kingmegamaster#1, Cables, Ivory Coast. You can download it from our web page, itís free goddamn it!

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Cables (Radio Edit) n/a Download
Ivory Coast n/a Download
Kingmegamaster#1 n/a Download

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