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Members of the band

  Mark Roberts - Guitar & Vocals
  Mark Tyas - Bass & Vocals
  David Wilbraham - Drums & Vocals

General info

  We feel we a Death Metal band with a light sanding of Grind and a splatter of gore but retaining a reoccurring element of comedy. We like to define our genre of music as "Death Gore Flesh Grind".
  We're releasing "The Awakening" EP sometime soon. Featuring 4 studio tracks, 4 live tracks and a CD-ROM Video.
  Track Listing:
  1. The Awakening
  2. Draining The Murder Cauldron
  3. Robbing The Post Office
  4. Axe In Your Back
  5. Draining The Murder Cauldron (Live)
  6. Chloroform Wedding (Live)
  7. Death Gore Flesh Grind (Live)
  8. Robbing The Post Office (Live)
  CD-ROM Video For "Robbing The Post Office"

Download free music

Death Gore Flesh Grind (Live) n/a Download
Draining The Murder Cauldron n/a Download

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