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first signs of the aftermath

first signs of the aftermath
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Members of the band

  Prawn - guitar/drums
  Neil - drums/keyboards/samples
  Scott - bass/guitar

General info

  This is the second incarnation of FSOTA. First they were called flaming steeds of the apocalypse and once they were reuinited the name was appropriately changed to first signs of the aftermath (see what we did there?)
  Flaming steeds started off as a stoner punk outfit with lots of bluesy leads and black sabbath covers, but after a few gigs and about 2 years of being a band everyone started to get bored. Thom wanted to start playing more doomy music while Scott and Neil wanted to do crazy fast paced punk music and so they just quit practicing but remained friends.
  Thom continued with his soft/pop rock side project Loup Garou (best band ever) and started rapping with fellow gangsta Matty B under the aliases P to the Rizzle and M-Bizzle (respectively), while Neil and Scott created a thrash punk band called Urban Nightmare. On all parts their interests were waning, despite a growing fanbase.
  Scott and Thom jammed a few times and realised they were doing something new and interesting so they got on the blower with Neil and all parties involved agreed it was a good idea to put FSOTA back together and put other interests on the back burner. This time round the music was going to be a crazy mix of just about everything they were interested in and not just a mashup of speedealer and black sabbath. Within less than 2 weeks 2 demo's were very roughly recorded

Download free music

No emo (stop listening to emo) n/a Download
qrueaadm n/a Download
Ream 3 n/a Download
Rural People n/a Download
Triple foreign clock n/a Download
Triple foreign clock (piano version) n/a Download
we hate nature (whales are fish) n/a Download

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