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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Kenton Thomas - Vocals
  Rosco Brooks - Guitar
  Andrew Gautier - Bass
  Bill George - Drums

General info

  Portal is a propulsive amalgam of powerfully packaged grooves, insightful lyrics, and moralistic ideals. Intelligent by design and intellectual by nature, the band actively challenges listeners and members alike to demand more from music, more from society, and more from life itself. Portal deftly combines the progressive rhythmic complexity of Tool, the richly textured orchestration of VAST, the intricate production of Filter, and the raw emotive pull of Nine Inch Nails into a brilliant array of insightfully stimulating music, incorporating a rich tapestry of global instrumentation and a socially conscious lyrical motivation, into a truly unique sonic and psychosomatic experience.

Download free music

A Cleansing Breath n/a Download
Alone n/a Download
Insurgent Few (Live) n/a Download
The Paradigm n/a Download
With You n/a Download

Latest tracks

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