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Helsinki Pop Jazz Conservatory Big-Band

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Members of the band

  Vellu Halkosalmi: Conductor, leader, arranger
  Linda Fredrikson: Alto Saxophone
  Juha Lahdenniemi: Tenor Saxophone
  Suvi Runonen: Tenor Saxophone, Flute
  Iisa Ylinen: Alto Saxophone
  Justus Kontiola: Alto Saxophone
  Iivari Ylinen: Trumpet
  Anssi Ruokonen: Trumpet
  Niilo Härmä: Trumpet
  Antti Peltola: Trumpet
  Kasper Sarikoski: 1st Trombone
  Ville Nissinen: Trombone
  Juhani Turunen: Trombone
  Teemu Eskola: Bass Trombone
  Juuso Kontiola: Piano
  Juho Sammalkorpi: Guitar
  Teemu Vehkala: Drums
  Jonathan Sarikoski: Drums
  Ilmari Heikinheimo: Drums
  Jukka Haavisto: Bass

General info

  These songs are recorded at live in Helsinki UMO JAZZ Club in 2002 spring. The Concert was
  "UMO BIG-BAND & POP & JAZZ BIG-BAND". UMO BIG-BAND players played with Pop & Jazz Big-Band much younger players, the final result was a success.
  Vellu Halkosalmi took the conductor place in the Helsinki Pop & Jazz Big-Band in 2001 autumn. After that Big-Band got many gigs and great projects one of them was "Pop & Jazz Music 100 Years". Pop & Jazz Big-Band made that project with Helsinki Conservatory. The final group was formed of over 75 players, most of the was a Strings Esemble. The first show was a success.
  Now on "Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory Big-Band" plays a different kind of projects.

Download free music

A Child is Born 7.57 MB Download
Boo's Blues (live at UMO Jazz Club 2002) 6.47 MB Download
Flintsones (live at UMO JAZZ CLUB 2002) 5.21 MB Download
Liberty City (live at UMO Jazz Club 2002) 5.73 MB Download
Moanin' (PJK BIG-Band & UMO Trumpets)''live 2002'' 4.37 MB Download
Stolen Moments by Pop & Jazz Big-Band) live at UMO Jazz club 2002 8.87 MB Download
The Song is You (perform by Pop & Jazz Big-Band) live 2002 8.16 MB Download

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