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Poor Boy

Poor Boy
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Chris Peace - Bass, Guitars, Keys, Vocals
  Sean Flynn - Guitars, Vocals
  Anthony Bove - Percussion, Vocals
  Joe Buerklin - Drums, Vocals
  Dave Brown, keys, guitars, percussion, banjo, vocals

General info

  POOR BOY is an original project that bypasses the
  usual stage antics in exchange for elaborate musicianship,
  both within the confines of structured songwriting and free
  improvisation, satisfying the harshest critics of a myriad of
  musical genres. With deep roots in almost every identifiable
  style of music from folk, rock and blues to funk and jazz and
  beyond, the experience remains unique without alienating the
  listener. Make no mistake- they diversity isn't a gimmick; rather,
  they glean the best from each part and use them to the advantage
  of the music. When five individuals come together for the sole
  purpose of creating music, the results are bound to inspire.

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