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Members of the band

  Bane - Vocal
  Pippy - Guitar
  Andra - Guitar
  Frenki - Bass
  Tihi - Drums

General info

  Band was formed in 2007,by Bane(Vocal),Pippy(Guitar) and Golub(Drums). From the very beginning the band knew what they wanted to play, and that was with no compromise ''Old School Thrash''. Soon after forming the band, the line up was complete by the forth member Gruba(Bass) and the band started with serious work. For the short time first songs have been made,and they have been promoted live. Pollution in mid august, 2008, hit the studio and recorded a demo, titled ''Our Way''. After the demo's recording, the line up changed, Gruba was replaced by Frenki on Bass. Demo will be published soon for ''Terror Blast Production''. In future, the band is planning to promote the demo and to prepare for the spring album recording. Thrash Till Death

Download free music

Absolute Pollution n/a Download
Manic Depression n/a Download
Our Way n/a Download
Violator n/a Download

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