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Members of the band

  Jaakko Ulanto - guitar
  Janne Satokangas - guitar
  Tomi Vähäkangas - vocals
  Aarno Rousi - drums
  Marko Launonen - bass

General info

  Death/thrash from Raahe, Finland!
  First demo ''Gatling Gun Manifest'' was released in the year 2007.
  Second demo ''Execution'' is out now! Listen tracks from it and enjoy.. or else you will be Executed!

Download free music

Death March n/a Download
Die or Obey n/a Download
Execution n/a Download
Gatling Gun Manifest n/a Download
Harvest of Death n/a Download
Voices n/a Download
While You Bleed n/a Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks