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Members of the band


  "Rudely disturbing the audience since 2002"
  Jonza: Voice, Bass
  AQ: Guitar
  TT: Guitar
  Miikkane: Drums

General info

  Pohja is a finnish band playing 80's style punk whit some influence of early hardcore, and even flavours of reggae and hardrock. Music of the band is closely related to bands like Problems?, Nolla Nolla Nolla, Appendix, Lama, Pelle Miljoona 1980, Turun Tauti, etc. etc..
  Lates songs:
  Iloinen Kuolema

  Recorded live@NoName
  Line-up Jonza-vocals&bass, AQ - Guitar, Miska - Guitar, Miikkane - Drums
  Songs "Historia & Tulevaisuus", "Elä - Kärsi - Kuole", "Rahan Valta" and "Haavemaailma", were originally released 2003 as "home made cd". Song called TOTUUS is of the bands first longplay "Ihmisyyden Hautausmaa" (Cemetary of humanity) released early summer of 2005!
  NOTE! Some mentioned songs have been removed here, and nobody knows where to find them anymore. Information here might be outdated. Check out the official Pohja website:

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HETKI n/a Download
Historia & Tulevaisuus n/a Download
JÄÄHYVÄISET n/a Download
Totuus n/a Download

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