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Ray Dollar

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country / country rock


Members of the band

  Ray Dollar-Guitar, Harmonica, Violin, Maracas

General info

  Greetings!My business is writing songs and perchance there is something here that will take your fancy. A number of my songs are Christian Contemporary in a different way to the usual. As well, I have a range of songs encompassing Rock, Love Songs/Ballads and a touch of Jazz styling in some. There is even some Punk Rock sung by the Artist Blood Knife. I am a 55 year old solo male artist living in New Zealand, and I play acoustic Guitar and sing. I have been composing music since 1994, and have come out of the closet in an endeavour to be heard and to try and offer a fresh, original musical statement with sentiment! Enjoy!!!

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Give Me Love3 n/a Download
Hey Baby2 n/a Download
Kapai Te Aroha n/a Download
Mania n/a Download
My Mammy n/a Download
Speak Out Loud n/a Download
Trixy n/a Download

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