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  Its ony rock ´roll...

General info

  After de first album “Pop songs and Rock people”. After the hit singles “Baby Gasoline” “Sleep all day” and “Honey Honey”. After the 90 shows tour around Portugal. After the singer Vitor Raposo left the band. After the rescission with EMI Portugal. Here are PLASTICA again with a new album called “The Red Light Underground”. Entirely produced by the band it self in they’re own studio, The Red Light Studio, the working place that the Lisbon band built to work without any pressure, using it as a sort of “spiritual retreat”. Composed and recorded in the year of 2003, “The Red Light Underground” brings a fully confident and risky attitude from PLASTICA, exploring new sounds never and musical paths never walked by the band before. This second album brings 15 new songs, separated in two parts, reminding the old concept of the LP classic records from the 70’s. In “Part A” we can hear the strength of Rock guitar riffs with the power of drums and bass in 7 “catchy” rock songs. In “Part B” we find the psicadelic 70’s times, in 8 songs full of “dream environments”, using vocals and keyboards to create druggy musical atmospheres. In the end of the record, it’s the whole that counts. A wonderful musical composition, a risk of breaking up with the past record. This is the work that PLASTICA wanted to record. “The Red Light Underground” is the record that the truly music lovers want to hear!
   The first single from “The Red Light Underground” is called “BUGS AND ASTRONAUTS”. It shows clearly that the band, now a quartet, didn’t need to search for a substitute for the old band mate. A “danceable” powerful Rock song.
  «The Red Light Underground»
  Part A
   «Bugs and Astronauts»
   «Lucky Ones»
   «Radio Energy»
   «Boys and Girls and Toys»
   «Get Off My Cloud»
   «Generation Calling»
  Part B
   «Sexy Belly»
   «Red Light Underground»
   «From the Stars»
   Produced by PLASTICA
   Recorded by Plastica at The Red Light Studio

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