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PJ Otaku

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Members of the band

  P.J. Otaku (lead & backing vocals, ukulele, acoustic & electric guitars, electric kazoo, vibes, theremin, bass guitar, synthesizers, sequencers, percussion & triangle.

General info

  Note: The songs posted on this page consist primarily of rare unreleased tracks and demos. From here, we recommend you VISIT OUR MYSPACE PAGE

  Hi. I'm P.J. and I play the ukulele. I also play the guitar. I also sing and on occasion write songs, those miraculous little creations that spring forth from that combination of instrument and voice that have yet to be adequately explained by science or philosophy. You may remember me from such bands as The Shake Ups, The Madeira, Hipster Zero, Destination: Earth!, Film At Eleven, In Stitches, Mind Rift?, Larry & Rita's Boy, and Happy & Plaid. Or perhaps not...
  Anyway, it all started in the mid-1980's when I began playing the electric guitar - very loudly. It was a time of long hair and ripped jeans, and pyrotechnics would have been welcome (and sometimes even appropriate). But something was missing...
  Inspired by the death of Tiny Tim in the mid-1990's, I picked up a ukulele for the first time, wondering if it might be that something. I promptly put it back down, and completely forgot about it for several years. But eventually I picked one up again, purely by chance, while vacationing in Hawaii. Then I got one of my own, started writing songs on it, and covering songs by both artists I admired (They Might Be Giants, Leonard Nimoy, King Missile, the Dead Milkmen) and some I didn't (Poison, Bon Jovi, Kiss).
  I have a new album out on Geleatinous Productions, and it's called 'UKE-A-HOLICS UNANIMOUS.' It includes fan faves like "She's A Mystery," "(Introduction To) The Human Brain," "Punk Rock Ukulelist," and "Joss Whedon (Is My Master Now," to name a few.
  So if you've ever wanted to be a professional rock music fan - or just look like one - steer clear. For the rest of you who don't mind looking a little silly or uncool, I hope you have fun.

Download free music

1. She's A Mystery n/a Download
2. Punk Rock Ukulelist n/a Download
3. The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins (unreleased) n/a Download
4. Glimmer To A Squint (unreleased) n/a Download
5. Suddenly It's Christmas (live & unreleased) n/a Download

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