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Members of the band

  David M. Boosamra
  Ryan P. Keane
  Jared A. Boosamra

General info

  We develop musical soundscapes that spark thought processes, enabling the listener to utilize this medium to further their efforts by aural stimulation. Phrygia maximizes your listening pleasure by giving you insight to the whole thought process of making music.

Download free music

A Bullet Never Tasted So Good 2.59 MB Download
Abstinence 5.57 MB Download
Accession of Bliss 5.05 MB Download
Baroni Von Munchausen 4.53 MB Download
Busynis - Spiral Claw 4.96 MB Download
Combat Technique 311 2.78 MB Download
Conspiracy Theory Elemental 2.61 MB Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks